This is a place that has primarily been my blog for over 20 years now (time passes far too quickly ;_;), as pori.co.uk since 2007, as pocari.co.uk prior to that, and as a couple of other domains not worth mentioning before that.

For various reasons there was a rather large haitus between 2014 to 2023 where the site consisted of nothing more than some placeholder text. However, for the curious, the entire history is still readable on archive.org (minus some pictures).

In terms of content, ultimately I guess, it’s just a diary, a plain old blog: my thoughts on things I’m interested in, events I’ve attended, and other random ramblings. Over the years some of the more consistent content has been posts about anime, conventions, jpop music, eurovision, games, homebrewing, growing chillies, philosophy, the occasional political rant, and the thankfully rare esoteric emo posting.

As for me, I’m just some guy that’s interested in some of those things. :)

Mostly known by Lampshade, but sometimes my real name is fine too.